Xanax Brief information

Brand Names: Xanax

Generic Name: alprazolam

Xanax belongs to benzodiazepine family of drugs. This medication is used in order to treat such disorders as anxiety and panic. It can also be used as the treatment of anxiety occurred as the result of depression. Xanax affects the unbalanced chemical in brain by slowing down their movement. The medication can only be used at the recommendation of a health provider.

There are several places where it is possible to purchase Xanax. First of all, the medication can be purchased from any pharmacy and, second of all, people can buy Xanax online.

Dosage, side effects and precautions

Xanax RX is a medication that needs to be taken only one time per day in the morning and its effect will last for the whole day. The dose that should be taken is only prescribed by the doctor. Usually, to treat anxiety disorders the starting dose of Xanax is 0.25 mg to 0.5 mg which needs to be taken three times a day. After the medication is taken, a patient feels relief, but anxiety may back in several hours. On the description of a doctor the dose can be increased or decreased. To treat panic disorders, the starting dose of 0.5 mg is used to be taken three times a day.

As any medication, Xanax is able to cause some side effects. Among the most commonly met side effects are coordination problems, fatigue and tiredness, irritability, drowsiness, memory problems, increased appetite. In case of occurrence some severe side effect, the medical help should be seeking immediately.

It is extremely important to provide your health provide with the information on your health status and history of disease and addictions. The medication should not be taken if some diseases are being experienced. Thus, Xanax should be avoided if a patient has the following diseases:narrow-angle, glaucoma, allergy benzodiazepines and others.

If other medications are used, it should be reported to the doctor. Xanax should not be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Abuse and addiction

Xanax addiction has become a big problem. It is possible to buy Xanax online with no prescription. Although such a way of purchasing of this medication is convenient, there is a high risk for this medication to be abused. If Xanax is used incorrectly, it may cost a big problem with health. This is why it is strongly recommended to only follow the prescription of a doctor.

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